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28 Creatures of the Bible Devotional

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Did you know there are more than 1 million species of animals on earth? 

Actually there are close to 1 million types of insects, not to mention all the other animals!

Did you know there are more than 150 animals named in the Bible?

Did you know God made them all with just His Words?

Now, that’s AWESOME!

There is so much to learn from creation, so this little devotional book was written for you to not only learn more about what God created on days 5 and 6, but also to discover something about yourself in each of these animals.

Come and take a safari journey through God’s Word…You’ll be amazed what you learn from the animals!

Writing devotional curriculum, speaking at women’s retreats and conferences, organizing and speaking at retreats for girls, and teaching women’s Bible studies are the passion of JK Williams. She is a gifted teacher, speaker, and author! Her God-given ability of leadership allowed her to begin EG Ministries, Inc., in 1982. This ministry reaches out to girls and women through Bible-based Christ-centered curriculum and devotional materials. She loves interacting with women in Bible studies and at women’s conferences. Working with young girls from ages 4-18 is her heart. She desires to invest time in their lives which helps them know they are valued and have worth. Teaching the truth of God’s Word to the girls is basic to her ministry through Explorer Girls whether at a weekly club meeting or at summer camp. And helping each girl discover and develop the God-given abilities she has is an important part of her ministry. It is her prayer that this devotional book will awaken truth in your heart bringing you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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